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My Voting Record

Hundreds of votes take place during each legislative session. Here are a few highlights that emphasize my values and the victories we’ve had for Teton County:

Bills I have supported:

  • A state-wide anti-discrimination act, which would have protected LGBTQ Wyomingites from discrimination in housing and at the workplace. [2015]

  • Medicaid Expansion, which would have expanded health care coverage to 20,000 uninsured residents. [2015]

  • Restoration of felon voting rights, which automatically restored voting rights to first-time, non-violent felons. [2017]

  • Local government distribution, which provides funding to The Town of Jackson. [ 2016, 2018]

  • Palliative care, which gives the elderly and their families the opportunity for alternative care options towards the end of life. [Co-Sponsor, 2017]

  • I sponsored a bill that would have protected crucial winter habitat for wildlife. [2017]

  • Secured funding for the expansion of the Jackson campus of Central Wyoming Community College. [2018]

Bills I have opposed:

  • A bill that would have made protesting on “critical infrastructure” illegal, which would have infringed on your right to free speech. [2018]

  • Several bills that would have restricted women’s reproductive rights, such as requiring ultrasounds before choosing to get an abortion. [2015, 2016, 2017, 2018]

  • A bill that would have criminalized the collection of data on environmental impacts. This bill passed and was just overturned by the Wyoming Supreme Court. [2015]

  • I have always opposed bills that unnecessarily cut education. [2016, 2017, 2018]

  • I have always opposed bills that propose transfers of federal public land out of public hands and into the management of the state. [2016, 2017, 2018]

Legislative voting can be complex and confusing. If you ever want to talk about my vote record, please contact me.