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I’ve been fighting for our values in Cheyenne, and I’m proud of the results I’ve gotten for our community.


Upholding excellence in education

We take pride in the excellent education that kids receive in our local public schools. I’m dedicated to always putting students and their educational opportunities first.

Growing our economy

We need the courage to grow beyond our roots as an extraction state. I’ve been working to make our economy modern and diverse,  so that our children can have opportunities to use their talents without having to leave the state.

Investing in our wildlife and open space  

Public lands and wildlife are the heart of Wyoming’s culture, character, and the future of our economy. I’m committed to making science-based decisions that ensure these unique assets are maintained for generations to come.

Creating access to healthcare

All people deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare, including mental healthcare. Our communities need to have healthcare services that support everyone.

I would be honored if you gave me the opportunity to continue this work.  I humbly ask for your vote this fall.

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The State of Wyoming

This year, I'm launching The State of Wyoming, a community conversation about or state's most pressing issues. Learn more here!


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