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Who I Am

Four years ago, you elected me to be your Representative at our State Capital. I’m proud of the work I’ve done there and the results I’ve gotten for our community. I’m running for re-election because voters deserve dedicated and effective representation of our community in Cheyenne.

Teton County is my home. I’ve had many different roles in our community. From managing the kitchen at the Mangy Moose, wrapping birthday presents at Broadway Toys, playing frontman in The Recessions, working as a referee at High School soccer games, or timing ski races at Snow King, I have worked and played the Jackson Hole life.

Like many, I moved here when I was in my twenties, and juggled several jobs and many roommates to find a way to carve out a life in the Hole. After I met my wife and business partner, Jean, we embarked on a long and successful career as small-business owners in this community.  For over 20 years Broadway Toys and Togs provided a community hub for all things kids. We raised our family here and learned first-hand what makes this place special, from the outstanding educational opportunities in our public school system, to the endless open spaces our children explored, to the tight-knit and engaged residents that call this place home. These are the same things that make our community what it is today.  

Beginning with my appointment to the Town of Jackson Planning Commission in 1992, as a public servant I learned the value of informed and collaborative decision making. and applied that lesson as a Teton County Commissioner to promote sound planning policy, efficiencies in government, and protection of critical human services.  In 2014 Teton County voters gave me the privilege of representing them in Cheyenne, a job that I have dedicated myself to since then.

During my four years as your State Representative, I have always been committed to Teton County values. I have supported education funding, protections for wildlife and open space, and advocated for long-term economic solutions to ensure a more promising future for our state and our county.

I would be honored if you gave me the opportunity to continue this work.  I humbly ask for your vote this fall.

My time has been spent working for direct results that benefit Teton County, and in turn, our state. I would be honored if you gave me the opportunity to continue this work.  I humbly ask for your vote this fall.